Welcome to the online home of the best Carolina BBQ on the Outer Banks! We’re the number one spot on the beach if you’re looking for some amazing food, and we want everyone to know it. And as a welcome to our new blog, we’re running a contest where you can win a free lunch on us!

Awesome Food + Free = Win!

We’re a barbecued food based blog, so take a guess on how you enter. If you said “By submitting my most awesomest, favoritest, dilicious barbecue recipe?!?”, then you’re both right AND really excited! All you have to do is submit your recipe to bbqobx@gmail.com (Psst, that’s our email!). We’ll then post the recipes here on the blog, where users can click on “like” and “tweet” and “+1″. The one recipe at the end of each month with the most likes and comments wins a free lunch. It’s that simple.

Now for the Fine Print

As awesome as your recipe may be, we will not be using it at our restaurant. So you don’t have to worry about us using your ancient family recipe. We will post it on our blog, however, to share with the world. We’ll total up all the likes, comments and shares, and whichever recipe is most popular each month will be our winner. Each months winner will receive one free lunch entree, one side, one drink and hush puppies. And that’s about it for the fine print. See how easy it will be to get lunch on us?

Swine Dining At It’s Best

So make sure you put your recipe up quick, so you can get the maximum amount of time for people to vote on it. Remember to tell your friends and family to go and vote for your recipe too; it’s not cheating! And don’t forget, at Sooey’s BBQ and Rib Shack, you’ll find great food, great people and a great time!