It is office party season, and you have been working extremely hard all year long. Here are tips from Sooey’s BBQ & Rib Shack catering services for throwing a great holiday party.

Get The Details Out Early
Pick a date well in advance. The holidays are a busy time for everyone. Pick a location that is ideally close to the office and make sure there is enough space for everyone to comfortably hang out. Get in touch with our catering services as soon as possible.
Get Dressed Up
While you may be tempted to keep it casual, dressing up can boost morale more effectively. Your staff will be more confident and more social if they feel like they look good. It will also remind staff that this is a still a work event and to act accordingly.
Decoration Is Mandatory
You want to create an atmosphere in which your party can succeed. Dress up the venue, especially if the venue is your office. Nobody is going to feel like partying if your party looks like a boardroom. You don’t have to break the bank, but do something festive. Most party planning stores will have a variety of low-cost options.
Be Wise About Beverages
It is the holiday party and one of the few opportunities for employees to let loose a little, but alcohol at holiday parties is a always a risk. If you have alcoholic beverages, be sure to have non-alcoholic alternatives and plenty of taxis available.
Have Plenty Of Good Food
There are two rules when it comes to holiday office party food: have plenty and have variety. Nothing ruins a party like running out of food, or not having enough options to account for people’s tastes and dietary restrictions. Food gives people something to talk about!

Sooey’s is already the place to go for the best ribs and Carolina BBQ on the Outer Banks. Now, we will bring it to your holiday party. With a variety of menus to meet a variety of catering needs, you are sure to find exactly the kind of meal you desire for you company celebration this holiday season. Call us today for your catering needs.