The south is the most rewarding place in the world for food lovers to road trip. You can measure the distance you’ve traveled in the flavors you encounter. No Southern food is more tenaciously regional than Sooey’s best BBQ. Here, we dish up what we consider to be perfect plates of barbecue. There are four distinct types of barbecue, but ours remains the favorite.

  • Carolina Style BBQ
    • This is pork barbecue is traditionally pulled from the shoulder or whole pig, sauced in either a vinegar, mustard or ketchup-based sauce. Order with a heaping side of coleslaw for the perfect pair.
    • In true Carolina tradition, Sooey’s has been turning out our stellar barbecue for years! The pork is pulled by hand, chopped, moistened with apple cider vinegar, and seasoned with red chile flakes. The combination of chopped pork, potato salad, and hush puppies is the joint’s perfect indulgence.
  • Texas Style BBQ
    • Emphasis on Texas barbecue is the meat. Smoky moist brisket and beef sausage take center stage while the sauce usually serves as a side dip.
    • When the brisket’s rubbed with coffee and brown sugar and the pork ribs are dusted with coriander and glazed with maple, you know you are in postmodern barbecue  territory. Still, the contemporary, sophisticated interpretation of Texas-style barbecue is delicious.
  • Memphis Style BBQ
    • This style of barbecue is always pork with a sweet tomato-based sauce. The pulled pork sandwich is a top contender of this style usually topped with coleslaw.
  • Kansas City Style BBQ
    • Kansas City barbecue is pork ribs and beef brisket served with handfuls of fries. The sauces are usually tomato-based with sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors. It perfectly compliments one of the style’s most popular selections, burnt ends.

There has never been a better reason to pack up the car and head to the south. Come to Sooey’s, we’ll keep the smokers hot and the beer cold!