Mom Asks Toddler Daughter To Help Finish Her Sooey’s Sampler

She Loved It!

It’s an honor having the best barbecue on the Outer Banks. It’s a privilege to be have customers that love our food so much they want to try every little bit of it. That’s what our Sooey’s Sampler is for – folks want ribs, fried chicken, pork and beef bbq, plus our unforgettable hushpuppies.

For this family, however, the privilege was so overwhelming that their young daughter had to come and help them.

They came to our Corolla restaurant recently, and this little girl was SO cute devouring her fried chicken that we snapped a picture. Her mom had ordered the Sooey’s Sampler and needed some help finishing it.

She Loved Every Bit of It

There’s nothing more adorable than seeing a young girl with a healthy appetite. She had not just our Southern Fried Chicken, but loved our homemade baked beans. And for those wondering, she ate very little french fries.

If you’re also wondering what comes in that delicious platter, here it is: A combination of 1/4 rack of ribs, fried chicken(leg & thigh), pork BBQ, and beef BBQ. Served with two sides and hushpuppies.

Ready for Yours?

If you’re already salivating and jealous of that little girl’s scrumptious platter, fear not – we have plenty more for you. Stop by on any of our 3 locations on the Outer Banks! and get yours today!