It has been a long tradition of BBQ to prove who has the best BBQ. From cook-offs to competitions the quest has never stopped. This means one thing! BBQ is taken very seriously among connoisseurs. Let’s take some time to examine a brief  history of BBQ and the techniques used. Originally, barbecue was primarily pork because they were a low-maintenance food source. The Spanish were the first to introduce the pig to the Native Americans who in turn taught them the concept of slow cooking with smoke. When the Spanish colonists relocated to North Carolina in the early 16th Century they starting learning and cooking barbecue. Today, BBQ varies according to its geographical location in the United States.

There are a few popular cooking techniques typically used for perfect BBQ. Smoking cooks the meat with a smoldering material to create the smoke. Fish and meat are the most common foods that are smoked for rich flavor. Roasting is similar to smoking with the difference being that it uses an open flame and a convection style airflow for even cooking of the meat. Finally, braising is the method that uses a boiling pot of water to cook meats and vegetables. It can be used on the stove or on a grill to simmer for a few hours. The benefit to braising is first you put the meat on the grill first to brown it and into the pot to moisten it. It also allows for glazing the meat and finishing it directly over the fire. Basically cooking the meat three times for perfect tenderness.As you can see now a lot of effort goes into preparing your favorite meal. BBQ is king so dine on!