June is almost here and that means so is Father’s Day! Nothing celebrates this holiday like the best BBQ in Corolla. Gone are the days when all dad needed to be king of the grill was a “kiss the chef” apron. Since fashion and technology now rule the outdoor cooking scene, here are five Father’s Day gift ideas to keep him grilling year round.

Spices & Rubs
All BBQ guys like to sample spices and rubs. This gives your dad the ability to make things mild or as spicy as he likes. It is also a great way to add amazing flavor to the meat for a crowd-pleasing delight.

Specialty Wood
Order a variety box from your favorite wood supplier. If you dad has a gas grill this would be a great opportunity for him to try his hand at charcoal grilling since you can purchase a basic grill for fairly cheap.

Splurge on some amazing steaks! Go to your local butcher and ask for a variety of suggestions to bring home. Nothing says a perfect BBQ like freshly cut meat. Have him cook the meats while you cook the sides making a meal together and creating memories. Avoid the “frozen ship to your door” meats or individuals selling meat out of a truck!

Cast Iron Grates
Every grilling dad strives for those perfect grill marks. Cast iron grates retain and transfer heat much better than standard grates. There are many options to choose from so you may need to do a little research first.

Remote Thermometer
This is vitally important for low and slow indirect barbecuing. If your dad prefers to smoke the meat he definitely needs one of these. He can sit on the couch watching the game while still being able to monitor what is happening on the grill.

Happy Father’s Day To All The Great Dads Out There!