At Sooey’s BBQ, we’re mature enough to admit we might be a tiny bit biased when it comes to our favorite style of barbecued ribs. We’re big fans of pork ribs, and we prove it daily at our locations in Duck, Nags Head, and Corolla, North Carolina.

But one of the great things about America is that there’s always room for variety. If you’re looking for items to put on your bucket list, Keep reading to learn about some of the different styles of BBQ ribs found right here in our country.

  • Memphis is the home of the dry rub. Top loin ribs, or baby backs, are grilled high over charcoal briquettes. The cooked racks are swabbed with vinegar and sprinkled with spice rub. This rub contains paprika, mustard, chili powder and oregano, and it’s not at all sweet.
  • In Texas, steer ribs are the name of the game. Their seasoning is minimal, not much more than salt and pepper, and they’re slow roasted within a pit fueled by post oak.
  • Kansas City is the home of sweet and smoky spareribs. First, a spice rub goes onto uncooked ribs, which are sometimes marinated overnight prior to cooking. Then, for 4-8 hours, the ribs get heavily smoked in an apple or hickory fired pit. Finally, the slabs are glazed with sweet sauce.
  • Saint Louis has mastered a 5-step process. The ribs get a rub, a mustard-based marinade, smoking, glazing, then a high-temperature blast from a blowtorch to crisp the ends of the ribs.