1. Because you’ve had a long day.

You work hard! Whether you’ve had a long day at work or a long day caring for the kids, you deserve a treat. Breaking up the monotony of your routine and treating yourself to a takeout from Sooey’s could actually be good for your mental health. It can give you a boost that will make it easier to give up tomorrow and do it all again!

2. Because it’s cheaper than going out.

If you aren’t going to cook at home, then our takeout is the next best option for your budget. Our 3 Little Pigs family pack will feed about ten people for just $8.49 a piece! You’d be hard-pressed to find a deal that good anywhere else, especially with food as good as this. You could even upgrade to the Big Bad Wolf and have enough food to feed yourself and 19 of your nearest and dearest…or just save the leftovers for tomorrow’s dinner!

3. Because your kids will actually eat it.

Are you sick of fighting with your kids to get them to eat something that’s halfway good for them? We know the feeling. It’s exhausting and a nightly battle that can wear you down. But when you tell the kids that you are getting Sooey’s for dinner, suddenly their appetites will blossom! Kids love our food, from our BBQ chicken to our hushpuppies. They’ll happily eat everything you put in front of them and for once, dinner won’t become a battleground.

4. Because you have friends coming over.

It’s fun to have friends over! It’s less fun figuring out what to feed them. You could cook, but inevitably someone will have a food allergy that makes things more complicated. Or one person will want Chinese, another one will want Italian, and the other one just wants a sandwich. It’s tough to find something that’s going to please everyone. But do you know what they all like? BBQ. We have BBQ options on our take away menu that will please even the pickiest eaters!

5. Because you won’t have to do the dishes.

Chances are good that there is no one living in your house that loves to do the dishes. Because of that, they might pile up in the sink, on the counters, and start to take over the house. But if you order takeaway, suddenly the dilemma about doing the dishes disappears! With just your fingers and some napkins, you can enjoy 90% of Sooey’s takeout. Just load up a bun and bite in!

6. Because no one should be denied hushpuppies.

Hushpuppies are one of the finest foods on the planet. We dare you to eat one and then try to deny that fact. They are warm and delicious, and if you haven’t had one before then you are in for a treat. We mix our cornmeal up with a whole host of flavors and deep fry them to perfection. We’ll include as many as you want in your order; they come in batches of a dozen at a time. You’ll need at least that many for your family (and possibly just for yourself!).

7. Because you need the protein.

Your body needs protein! That’s a cold, hard fact. Protein is used to build all of the important elements in your body, including your bones, hair, skin, and even your blood. And your body needs a lot of it! The average guy living a relatively sedentary lifestyle should be getting at least 55 grams of protein a day; if you are working out a lot, you’ll need even more. And you know what has lots of protein in it? Meat. Delicious, delicious meat.

8. Because you like supporting local businesses.

Sooey’s is a locally owned and operated business, and we’re proud of that fact! If you love supporting locally owned businesses, then Sooey’s should be on your must-call list for take out. We love being a part of this community and helping it become a better place than it already is. We enjoy seeing our loyal customers and meeting new ones every day, and when you order your take away from us you’ll be helping our business continue. We wouldn’t be here without your support!

9. Because you can’t stop thinking about the award-winning chicken.

Our incredible chicken won awards in both 2013 and 2014! We can’t deny that it is amazing. We offer our yummy chicken in a variety of styles, too. Choose from the pulled BBQ chicken, cooked in our famous BBQ sauce, slow cooked and hand pulled to perfection. Or check out our chicken tenders! We’ll make them hot, mild, or cover them in our BBQ sauce for you. Or treat yourself to our Southern Fried Chicken!

10. Because it’s so, so good.

Enough said.